A series of six-minute presentations on a wide range of projects undertaken by Conway graduates will be free and open to the public on Saturday, September 29, 2012, 10 am – noon, in the gymnasium of the Conway Grammar School.

Presenters will be coming from as far away as  the United Arab Emirates and as near as the town of Conway. Members of Conway’s very first graduating class (1973) and most recent class will be included in the presenters.

David Buchanan ’00 will be among the Conway School alums making lightning-fast presentations in commemoration of the school’s 40th year. He is the author of the forthcoming book, Taste, Memory.

The presentations are:

  • Ed Fuller ’73, Emergency Management and Hazard Mitigation: Planning at the Community Level
  • Byrne H. Kelly ’80, Wetland & Woodland Mitigation Banking: Costs; Benefits, & Nuances
  • John Hanning ’82, Self-Funding Water Quality Protection Tim Taylor ’83 Al Raha Beach – United Arab Emirates: The Public Realm Infrastructure
  • Jean-Pierre Marcoux ’86, Tagasho
  • Cynthia Boettner ’86, Invasive Plant Control
  • Ginny Sullivan ’86, Schoolyard Design
  • Peter Monro ’86, Design for Walking
  • Wendi Goldsmith ’90, Sustainability and Thermodynamics
  • Robert Small ’93, Designing Spaces in High Places
  • David Buchanan ’00, Hard Cider and Heritage Foods
  • Todd Lynch ’05, Revitalize the Land, Revitalize Yourself
  • Del Orloske ’05, Wetland Buffer Plantings
  • Kevin Adams ’08, Climate Change: Civic Engagement in the Landscape Architecture Studio
  • Kerri Culhane ’10, Green Infrastructure: Community Planning  on the Lower East Side
  • Tom Sullivan ’10, Designing Bee Pollinator Habitat
  • Rachel Jackson ’12, Developing Models for Sustainability in Rural Costa Rica

The presentations are part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Conway School and its graduate program in sustainable landscape planning + design.