As part of a new partnership, Conway alums are encouraged to publish articles about their work in the monthly Ecological Landscape Alliance newsletter. The ELA’s August newsletter features articles by two Conway alums, Jesse Froehlich Savou ’08 and Tia Novak ’16.

Jesse Froehlich Savou

Jesse Savou ’08

Rainwater for Gardens: Why Plants Love Rainwater Best

Rainwater collection is not just for areas that suffer from periodic droughts. There are other reasons why collecting rainwater on your property can improve the health of your plants, as well as help to reduce the load on urban stormwater sewer systems. In this article, Jesse Froehlich Savou ’08 outlines four reasons why collecting rainwater is beneficial. Her company, Blue Barrel Systems, offers the tools and resources to build a collection system at your house out of recycled and locally sourced materials.


Tia Novak ’16

A New Approach to Landscaping in Long Island: Changing the Process to Protect Our Waterways

Water makes Long Island what it is geographically – an island! The health of the water that surrounds it is vital for the local tourism and fishing economies. Many people are unaware of the down-stream and long-term effects of chemical lawn fertilizers. Tia Novak ’16 writes about the urgent need to encourage local residents to adopt land management practices that protect the aquifers and waters that surround Long Island.

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