We are very excited to announce that Jono Neiger ’03, Conway School alum and faculty member, has a new book out – The Permaculture Promise – that is available for pre-order now!

The book offers an introduction to permaculture, as a design system that offers practical ideas for how humans can simultaneously provide for ourselves and regenerate the world. In it are 22 examples of ways in which permaculture has helped to achieve this goal, brought to life through profiles of the people and communities who are already taking the permaculture path – including an urban dweller who tore up her driveway to create a vegetable garden and a California housing development that dedicates a third of its land to parks, orchards and gardens.

Order your copy from your local, independent bookstore here!

Some exciting reviews:

“The rise of the permaculture movement is one of the brightest signs of hope on our distressed planet, and this book helps anyone understand why!”
— Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy

“Jono Neiger shows us that permaculture is for far more than gardening by providing a to-do list for building community resilience in the face of climate change and other challenges. The Permaculture Promise offers hope for the garden, home, neighborhood, city, and beyond.”
— Eric Toensmeier, award-winning author of Paradise Lot

“Practical, personal, and powerful! The Permaculture Promise offers a rich and engaging introduction guaranteed to inspire novices and remind experienced permaculture practitioners of why they began their journey into the ecological and ethical re-design of our lives and landscapes.”
— John M. Gerber, professor of sustainable food and farming, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Jono Neiger gives us hope for restoring health to ourselves, our communities, and the planet through straightforward lessons with steps anyone can follow.”
— Claudia Joseph, Executive Director, New York Permaculture Exchange

“This masterful work describes the potential benefits of embracing permaculture elements within urban, rural, and community settings. A must-read for inspiration and practical knowledge to initiate change in our challenging times.”
— Jude Hobbs, co-founder of the Permaculture Institute of North America

Originally posted on the Regenerative Design Group website and blog.