A big thank-you to the eleven alums, board members, and friends who came to help us clean up the remnants of the February tornado. On the last day of April volunteers cleaned up the remaining woody debris from fallen trees, repaired the stone wall out back, and cleaned up the beds along the front of the building. Former director Don Walker did a great job regrading the driveway around the front of the cul-de-sac where heavy machinery had piled gravel. What a great way to start the spring.

The group: front row l-r, Helmi Hunin ’16, Giaco Lepore ’11; second row, Eric Weber ’77, Dave Weber ’15, Melissa Patterson, Elaine Williamson ’11; back row, Ahron Lerman ’11, Bill Sayre (board), Don Walker (ex Dir.), Tim Umbach (board), Doug Serrill ’16.


Giaco Lapore ’11 and trustee Bill Sayre help rebuild a wall.


Pine trees and branches had been strewn across the backyard during the tornado, here are the final stages of cleanup.