What would climate-conscious landscape design look like for your land?


Fall project site analysis

Detail from a Fall 2021 residential project by Conway student Carlin Roland.

We are currently inviting applications for fall site design projects for our graduate students. We seek applicants within an hour’s drive of Northampton (the closer the better!) who would like to increase habitat and reduce harmful environmental impacts of their residential properties. If you’ve been dreaming of a pollinator garden, meadow, rain garden, woodland garden, etc., our students can help!

Visit our project application page for a comprehensive description of the services we provide, the types of projects we’re seeking, and the costs and timelines for a fall project. Some recent fall projects have included a restoration plan for an abandoned farmstead, a design for an outdoor classroom, and projects that increased privacy, created wildlife habitat, addressed erosion and flooding issues, and encouraged outdoor use of the residential space.

“Your work is amazing, beautiful and so complete. I feel really honored by the work you put into this project and all of the information that will serve us and other future homeowners so well.”

Fall 2018 client

We also welcome applications for small parks, outdoor classrooms, and other outdoor spaces owned by towns or non-profit organizations. Learn more and apply here.