Indigenous Peoples’ Day Legacy Tree Site Visit: Mohawk Trail State Forest

Date & Time: Monday, October 10, 2022 10:00am – 2:30pm

Location: The Elder Grove & CCC Red Pine Plantation at Mohawk Trail State Forest in Rowe & Charlemont, MA. Directions will be shared with registrants.

A Place for Trees

Winter 2022 project prepared for the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership by Conway students Claire Baglien ’22, Haly Rylko ’22, and Karen Tassinari ’22.

Join us for an early fall hike in the Mohawk Trail State Forest to visit the Elder Grove  and honor the Indigenous Peoples that have inhabited these lands for centuries. This section of the forest not only contains some of the tallest and oldest Eastern White Pines in the State, several named for prominent Indigenous Tribe Members, but it also holds tracts of old growth forest, a Red Pine Plantation planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1930, and other native hardwoods that are among the oldest and tallest in New England. We also will acknowledge the recent student project, A Place for Trees: Riparian Restoration in the Deerfield River Watershed, completed in spring 2022 for the US Forest Service and the Mohawk Trail Woodland Partnership.

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