Join us online on Thursday, January 25, 7:00-8:30 pm ET for a presentation by Josh Altidor, General Superintendent of Parks & Turf Management at the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

Every Thursday, Conway invites visiting speakers to present and engage in discussion with Conway’s graduate students. These conversations are limited to the students to provide them with the opportunity to ask questions and connect with the speakers in a more intimate way. However, we are excited to open up one of these Thursday talks to the public!

Join us for a Zoom presentation and Q&A with Josh Altidor on Thursday, January 25, from 7-8:30pm. Liz Vizza, Conway alum and President of the Friends of the Public Garden, will join us as well to welcome Josh.

Josh was born and raised in Haiti. In 2013 Josh became the first Haitian immigrant to design and plant in the oldest Botanical Garden in America; The Boston Public Garden. He is known for his bold approach and tells his story through his vibrant design. In 2018 Josh became the first Haitian American Director of Maintenance for Boston Parks and Recreation department. Josh focused on creating a sustainable and an inclusive urban parks system that works for every Bostonian regardless of their zip code.

Josh has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agroforestry and Environmental Sciences from the American University of the Caribbean as well as a Masters of Design degree in Sustainable Urban Environments from Northeastern University. He also has a Leadership Management Certificate from Harvard University School of Extension. In his spare time he enjoys participating in speaking engagements, landscape design, and cooking. Josh speaks four languages and is hoping to add more to his repertoire.

Outside of his work, Josh contributes to his community as an agriculture consultant board member of the Harvesting 4 Haiti Foundation and as an advisory committee member of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) Public Garden and Landscapes. In light of his outstanding body of work, Josh was featured on the cover of the Boston Globe in July 2015.

While his career has been filled with highlights, he takes the most pride in obtaining his master’s degree and being contacted by Northeastern University to be an executive alumnus; he was also featured in the campaign for the master’s degree program, which was played on radio and television, and posted on banners all over the city. In the coming years, Josh aims to be someone that others look up to and seek out for advice.

Please join us!