“Ever since I heard about The Conway School I wanted to be a part of it. As I am starting the second chapter of my professional life, I made a conscious choice to work with people who share my environmental and social ethics. I found those like-minded people in the students, clients, faculty, and staff at Conway. Using ‘The Conway Method,’ the students obtain real-life experiences by working with real clients on real projects while integrating their academic studies. This model prepares Conway graduates to walk into the work world with the necessary skill sets to succeed.”

CJ Lammers is a nationally-known speaker and advocate for all things green. For 29 years she has worked with citizens and state and local governments to move the ball forward on various topics including tree and forest preservation, small and large landscape conservation, and environmental land use policies and strategies. Her most recent position was as a Master Environmental Planner, implementing environmental legislation and advising decision-makers in the areas of agricultural and forestry conservation and general issues related to the environment. Her current advocacy focuses on green infrastructure planning at all scales, from implementation of green stormwater techniques on individual sites to large landscape conservation. She was the primary author of the first-ever functional land use plan for the environment at the county scale.

Her teaching experience spans the spectrum from internal training programs on proper tree planting techniques to over twelve years at the university level. At George Washington University, she taught the five woody plant identification courses in the Landscape Design Program for eight years, and was one of the founding professors in GWU’s Sustainable Landscapes Program. She currently teaches the Introduction to Sustainable Design course, the first in the Sustainable Landscapes Program series, providing an overview of sustainable philosophy, standards, and design. She has also taught an environmental sustainability unit in a course in the Sustainable Urban Planning Program at GWU. Other teaching experience includes undergraduate courses at the University of Maryland and various courses on green infrastructure planning as part of a professional instructor team through The Conservation Fund. Strategic business and program planning has been conducted for M-NCPPC, MAC-ISA and the WWRFC.

CJ is a part-time faculty member; during the 2023-24 winter term, she attended presentations and offered feedback on work in progress.

  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Specialization in Environmental Planning, The University of Virginia
  • Bachelor of Science, Forest Resource Management, Southern Illinois University