On May 16, Conway Grows!

As we approach the capstone of our 3-year campaign to help secure Conway’s future, today is the day to both reflect on all the ways Conway impacted your world and to think of the light you want to shine forward. A future with Conway grads who are making a substantial difference in the world, taking on issues of great concern, including improved food systems, revitalization of struggling urban communities, conservation of biodiversity in fragmented rural landscapes, and the many critical challenges of climate change.

On this extraordinary Conway Grows! Day, we ask you to join your classmates and neighbors, ensuring a thriving school and a flourishing planet.

Please consider a multi-year pledge that generously ensures that Conway Grows!

If you prefer to pay by check, please include “Conway Grows!” on the memo line, and mail to:

The Conway School
attn: Development
88 Village Hill Road
Northampton, MA 01060


Meeting our campaign goal means sustaining Conway’s mission while:

  • securing an endowment for student financial aid,
  • ensuring a debt-free home for the program, saving the school $67,000 in interest fees while freeing up funds to support instruction, and
  • compensating faculty and staff at rates commensurate with their abilities.