Engaging Young People Around Climate Change

Provided in partnership with The Collaborative for Educational Services, Northampton, MA

Thank you card from a Williamsburg 5th grader to the instructor, CJ Lammers.

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire teachers with hands-on school-based projects that in turn inspire and empower young people to make changes to their landscapes to make them more climate resilient. Participants in this course learn how to engage young people with actionable science to address climate-based impacts and prepare a climate-informed landscape assessment report for their school or a local park or backyard. The report will contain strategies and recommendations for actions to reduce climate impacts on the landscape studied.

Dates and Location:
This course will be taught in three sessions: the first is online completing the mapping and measuring exercises; the second is in-person outside to conduct the three hands-on exercises that are taught in the class; and the third is an on-site case study where the group conducts a site assessment in-person and also reports out some of the recommendations for their sites. (For those that prefer, full remote participation will be accommodated through videos and live, on-site Zoom meetings.)

Instructor: CJ Lammers teaches environmental planning at the Conway School and sustainable landscape design at George Washington University
Max Number of Participants: 15
Cost and Registration: $400; scholarships available in certain areas