The Legacy Circle is a group of forward-thinking donors who have chosen to express their core values through a planned gift to the school. By joining the Legacy Circle your generosity and philanthropic legacy will be felt for generations to come.

Today we are facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges—as well as unprecedented opportunities. Become part of Conway’s planned giving community to ensure the future of the school’s philosophy and teachings for generations to come. Your long-term gift to Conway is a commitment to a future shaped by Conway-trained ecological design leaders.

Join the Legacy Circle.

The time I spent at Conway was the best educational experience I ever had. Learning by doing, learning through shared experience, participating in real life activities and projects, has informed everyone who’s gone through the program. It had a positive experience on my thirty years of employment since graduating in 1986, working as an environmental planner and a city planner for the private sector and for government. I’ve supported Conway since I’ve graduated and will continue my support through my will. I hope other graduates, as well as friends of the school, will do the same.”
– Carrie Makover ’86 (1938-2022)


The Conway Legacy Circle recognizes and honors alums and friends who have made bequests or life income gifts to the Conway School. Your commitment and generosity ensure the future of the school for generations to come. We thank them, and we encourage you to join our Conway leadership circle. Planned giving Legacy Circle gifts go into an endowment fund, or you can direct your gift to our scholarship or our project funds, or if you have another idea, please let us know.

Express your values into the future.

A planned gift to the Conway School, such as a bequest or a gift of your retirement plan, life insurance, appreciated stock, is a lasting investment that will carry on the school’s and your values into the future:

  • Imparting a design approach – emphasizing systems thinking – to meet 21st century social and environmental challenges;
  • Training land design and planning leaders for the next 50 years
  • Teaching skills and solutions to meet the challenges of climate change resilience, food security, urban infrastructure and disadvantaged neighborhoods, and more walkable and safe streets.

Consider making a Conway School Legacy Circle gift through one of these planned giving instruments:

  • Cash – An outright gift or a pledge over a period of up to five years.
  • Tangible Personal Property  – Such gifts might include vehicles or other property Conway could use to further our mission.
  • Appreciated securities – Stocks or bonds owned at least one year that have increased in value.
  • Mutual fund shares – Conway will set up an account to receive the shares you wish to give.
  • Retirement plan options – A gift of a qualified plan asset such as 401(K), 403(B), IRA, Keogh, or pension plan.
  • Life insurance options – Designate the Conway School as a beneficiary of your life insurance or transfer ownership of your policy to the school.
  • An estate gift  – An estate gift can provide significant support to Conway and play a vital part in its future growth and stability. Your bequest may reduce or eliminate your federal estate taxes while benefiting the school and any of its specific programs and may take several forms.

How to create your planned gift:

  1. Talk with your financial advisor, accountant, or attorney: she or he can listen to your preferences and create a planned gift, such as provision in your will that directs a gift from your estate to the Conway School.
  2. Give us a call or send an email. We can answer questions about your gift as well as provide sample language for a planned gift to share with your attorney.
  3. Decide on your gift.


For further information, please contact Lisa DeGrace, Development Manager, at



Photo at top by Sam Battaglia ’17