Student project by W. Kyle Finnell ’22, Sean Hagan ’22, and Harrison Takeno Houser ’22

A Spatial Analysis Supporting Holyoke’s Food System is a resource to support the City of Holyoke and its newly formed Holyoke Food and Equity Coalition in their efforts to increase the Holyoke food system’s resilience, improve healthy food access for residents, and increase opportunities for food-related jobs in the community.

Above: Excerpts from A Spatial Analysis Supporting Holyoke’s Food System. Images by the student team, Kyle Finnell, Sean Hagan, and Harrison Houser.

Based on analyses of environmental and social conditions in the city, this planning document presents possible locations for increasing food production within the city, shows the overlapping physical barriers to food for the most vulnerable residents, identifies the potential for composting in the food waste sector, and recommends steps the City can take to create a more resilient and
equitable food system.

This project was supported by Florence Bank and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts through donations to Conway School’s Community Project Fund.

Read more about the project on the City of Holyoke’s website: Holyoke Announces Collaboration with Conway School to Study Improvements to Holyoke Food Systems



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