Student project by S. Maricela Escobar ’23, Eva Hogue ’23, and Ted Martini ’23
Prepared for the City of Easthampton

Residents of Easthampton, Massachusetts have a strong appreciation for the health of the natural landscape that reaches beyond the borders of this growing city. The community is aware of the decline in pollinator populations worldwide and understands the vitally important role pollinators play in the intricate ecological systems on which our world’s well-being depends. In response to current threats posed to these key species, the City of Easthampton Planning Department is interested in opportunities to protect, increase, and enrich pollinator habitats throughout the city, and is looking for ways to support residents in their own ecologically responsible efforts. Through careful analysis of Easthampton’s existing conditions, this Pollinator Action Plan identifies a variety of strategies that may be implemented to promote pollinator habitat health on both municipally managed and privately owned land.


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