Setting the Table:Towards Greater Food Security in Lowell, Massachusetts evaluates the barriers Lowell residents face in obtaining food and recommends actions that might be taken to further food security in the city.This report was created for the Lowell Food Security Coalition, a collaboration of forty community organizations, formed to help residents become more self-reliant and food- secure. Once the center of the textile industry, attracting workers from all over the world, Lowell today is still recovering from the departure of that and other industries. As some Lowell residents struggle to make ends meet, they can face the added challenge of finding food that is nutritious and culturally appropriate, in this city of immigrants. Setting the Tableproposes strengthening Lowell’s food system through community resource centers, backyard gardens (including some as large as whole blocks), rooftop gardens, public orchards, community fish farms, dealing with soil contamination, recycling waste, healthy corner stores, and changes to zoning.”


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