Student project by Kaitlynn Campbell ’23, Audrey Logan ’23, and Brett Towle ’23
Prepared for the Dover Tree Preservation Committee and the Dover Planning Board

Dover, Massachusetts, is a uniquely forested town in the Charles River and Neponset River watersheds of eastern Massachusetts. The town boasts an impressive canopy cover of 77 percent, and those trees play a significant role in Dover’s rural infrastructure. But recent years have brought mounting development pressures to the region. Observed patterns of land clearing, predominantly for single-family house construction, and the effects of a changing climate have triggered concerns amongst residents for the future of their town, forests, and water resources. Seeing the Forest, and the Trees: A Tree Preservation Study for Dover, Massachusetts analyzes the current conditions of Dover’s trees, examines threats to tree health, and proposes solutions to engage and inspire Dover residents as stewards of the collective Dover Forest, bolster public tree management practices, and mitigate tree loss.


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