DIY Brand Camp, Fall '19

Learn how to identity and attract the clients who want and need what you do best.

For ecological designers, green builders, architects, creative innovators, start-ups, arts organizations and other non-profits

Are you tired of that nagging sense that there are ideal clients in your market who simply don’t know that you exist? That inner-belief that if they did know about you they would be very pleased and very satisfied clients?

Good news. There are simple, learnable techniques to identify your best-fit clients, to understand who they are and why they care about you. And there are straightforward ways to translate this understanding into a positioning and messaging strategy that will help you to get noticed and understood by more of these ideal clients.

Branding for the rest of us.

Ecological designers, green builders, architects, creative innovators, arts organizations and non-profits of all types tend to overlook branding as a mysterious dark art that is used only by cereal and sneaker companies to convince us to buy products that we don’t need.

But there’s more good news. The same practices can be used to sell ideas, services and products that we want and truly need. In an over-communicated world, being seen and understood for your unique contributions by those who you serve best is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Introducing the DIY Brand Camp

Mitch Anthony is a Greenfield, MA-based brand strategist. He’s a member of the Board of Trustees of the Conway School and an experienced practitioner of systems and design thinking. For more than 35 years he has helped companies of all sizes on four continents to understand their story, and to use that story as a tool for strategic development.

“Pedagogically, the mix of exercises—lecture, reflection, small group discussion, whole group discussion—was effective and well thought out.”

But along the way Mitch noticed that many of organizations whose purpose most closely aligned with his own could not afford to hire a brand consultant. So, he developed a fun, engaging and effective workshop that shows leaders of any company how to be their own brand consultant.

Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what your “best-fit” clients say it is.

No matter your business, and no matter how many years you’ve been in business, you know that your best business is earned by referral. Mitch’s Clarity Brand Design process is rooted in this understanding.

“I really appreciated the conceptual framework for thinking about brands, particularly the notion that one starts with meaning and core identity and then works outward from there.”

The DIY Brand Camp is a one-day sprint to understanding your “referability”. In one easy-to-grasp arc Mitch introduces, and then shows you how to use, foundational truths about your business or your offer:

  • Why your company, service or organization exists (your mission)
  • Who your company serves (your audience)
  • What audience needs your company meets (audience itch)
  • How your company meets those needs (your promise)
  • How your audience perceives you (your current position)
  • How you are distinct and different than your competitors (your distinction), and
  • Your strategy for communicating these brand distinctions

A one-day retreat from the hustle and the bustle.

We will gather for one very rich and rewarding day at the Smith College Conference Center, overlooking Paradise Pond, within a quick walk to their world-famous gardens and greenhouses. (And just a slightly longer walk to our campus.)

“I liked how much the group appreciated the opportunity to take a break to stop and think. People were grateful to get away from work and grateful for how productive the training was.”

Imagine the luxury of a whole day away from your screens. Imagine the relief and reward of working with other leaders who share your same challenges.

Join us. We’ll both be glad you did.

“I was able to reflect on my work with unique prompts, which gave greater depth to this reflection. AND it had the added benefit of getting mirrored by a significant number of people.”

The early bird captures the worm. And there is strength in numbers.

Through August 16, 2019 there is an early bird discount on any and all registrations. Register now via Eventbrite.

And, as an incentive to bring the whole family, there are significant price breaks for everyone if more than one person enrolls from the same organization.

But come on. This workshop is already offered at a significant price break. You didn’t think you could afford Mitch, and now you can. On top of that you get the benefit of a learning cohort.

“I liked that you were able to present so much info in a short time in ways that I found easy to absorb.”

After expenses, like your lunch, all proceeds will go to the Campaign for Conway’s Future.

As a part of Mitch’s pledge to the Campaign for Conway’s Future he has promised that all proceeds from this workshop will go to that campaign.

Holy moly. You can learn to build your business to your ideal liking, and support the future of the Conway school at the same time.

See you in September.



Registration is live. Register securely online via Eventbrite.


  • EARLY BIRD through August 16, 2019:
    • $195 for the first person; $135 for others from the same organization (includes lunch)
    • $85 for Conway School alums (includes lunch)
  • After August 16, and before August 30, 2019:
    • $225 for the first person; $145 for others from the same organization (includes lunch)
    • $95 for Conway School alums (includes lunch)
  • On or after August 30, 2019:
    • $225 for the first person; $145 for others from the same organization (does not include lunch)
    • $95 for Conway School alums (does not include lunch)

Scholarship opportunities available. Please email for more information.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 9am-4pm
Smith College Conference Center
49 College Lane, Northampton, MA