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Have you taken courses at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School? Are you passionate about ecological design, permaculture, sustainable urban planning or regenerative design? We’d like to invite you to apply for Conway’s Yestermorrow Grant.

In order to be eligible for the $2,000 tuition grant at Conway, the applicant must have taken at least a 12-day course (or a total of 12 days of courses) at Yestermorrow by the time the applicant has submitted their admissions application to Conway. If you’ve studied at Yestermorrow and believe in Conway’s mission, we think you and Conway might be a great fit for one another. If you’d like to consider getting a Master’s in Ecological Design and applying for the Yestermorrow Grant, please get in touch.

Details of the Yestermorrow Grant

  • A grant of $2000 for Conway’s 10-month MSED program
  • One or more grants may be available; first come, first serve
  • Winner(s) of the Yestermorrow Grant may also be eligible for need-based grants, and all students may apply for loans from the federal government
  • Please submit your application for the Yestermorrow Grant within 30 days of your application for admission
  • You must have taken at least a 12-day course (or a total of 12 days of courses) at Yestermorrow by the time you have submitted your admissions application to Conway. Both merit and financial need will be considered.

How to Apply

  1. Write a clear, thoughtful essay of 400-700 words (in addition to the core application essays) that answers the following questions: What did you learn at Yestermorrow, how has it guided your interest in ecological design, and how did it prepare you for Conway? How do Yestermorrow and Conway fit into your plans for the future?
  2. Include the name and dates of the Yestermorrow program you completed.
  3. Provide one letter of reference from an instructor at Yestermorrow. This may be one of the three references in your core application.
  4. Email all of the above to