The Conway School Class of 2018 arrives on September 5, and we have an exciting orientation week planned with trips to dynamic ecosystems, net zero energy buildings, and newly installed urban parks.

Max Madalinski ’16, Susan Schen ’16, and Allison Gramolini ’16 present their analysis of a section of Holyoke, MA at the newly constructed Holyoke train station during orientation week last year.

Members of the Class of 2018 come with a variety of experience. Job descriptions of applicants include photographer and cinematographer, landscape foreperson, geomorphology research technician, Chamber of Commerce director, land stewardship coordinator, organic farmer, managing editor and copywriter, architectural designer, teacher, publishing production coordinator, and food bank associate director, among others.

While some students recently graduated from undergraduate school, others are pursing a mid-career shift. Some have years of experience in landscape design, while others are just getting started. All share a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

> Click to see an ESRI Story Map illustrating last year’s orientation week