Conway invites professionals working within the fields of ecology, landscape design, planning, environmental art, environmental justice, agriculture, and more to present to current students as part of the weekly visiting speaker series. The goal of this series is to give students another opportunity to explore how ecological design is defined, interpreted, and applied in different ways and at different scales by a range of professionals; consider how ecological design principles unfold in practice; and reflect upon the role of ecological design in their studio projects.

This fall, we are fortunate to have visits from (in alphabetical order):

  • Carolina Aragón, Artist and Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Department, uses public art to transform landscapes, engage communities, and teach students.
  • Seana Cullinan ’12, Owner of Larkspur Design, an ecological landscape design practice in Portland, Maine, seeks to nurture balanced ecosystems in gardens, foster biodiverse habitats, and render landscapes that, over time, require fewer external inputs to thrive.
  • Jesse Keenan, Social Scientist and Lecturer in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, teaches courses and conducts research in the fields of urban development and climate adaptation science.
  • Todd Lynch ’05, Principal of landscape design studio Ecotropy LLC in Haydenville, MA, integrates medicinal and edible plants into the landscape to encourage people to take a more active part in their surroundings and their well-being. He aims to improve system function, enhance social benefit and establish habitat.
  • Rie Macchiarolo ’14, Design and Project Manager with Green City Growers in Somerville, MA, connects people to the process of growing food and to the beauty of native perennial plants. The landscapes they work on provide food, ecological services, and countless environmental & health benefits.
  • Theresa Sprague ’08, Founder and Principal Designer, BlueFlax Design in Harwich, MA, strives to improve and protect the integrity of ecosystems and wetland resource areas in coastal Massachusetts and New England. The practice provides whole-systems thinking and skillful project execution on scales ranging from residential properties to larger conservation tracts and commercial developments.
  • Jeffrey Squire R.L.A., Principal and Landscape Architect with Berkshire Design Group in Northampton, MA, has been involved with the master plan for Village Hill, where the Conway School is located, for the past decade. He shared insights about this process and toured students around a portion of the site currently under construction.
  • Conrad Vispo and Claudia Knab-Vispo, Wildlife ecologists with the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program in Ghent, NY, focus on agroecology and the resources that plants provide to animals and people.


Image at top: David Buckley Borden, an interdisciplinary artist and designer, spoke to the students about place-based installation projects in fall 2018. Photo: Kate Cholakis ’11