A recent post about Conway’s Monday night dinner tradition led us back into the archives, where we discovered that Conway students have been setting the bar for group meals high for many years.

An early potluck supper at the Conway School.

Here is an excerpt from the fall 1999 issue of con’text magazine:

Class of ’99 Legendary Cuisine

The class of ’99 was known for its elaborate potlucks on Wednesday evenings. The potlucks evolved from the need to have a quick, convenient dinner for students who lived outside of Conway into a much-anticipated weekly gourmet feast. The menus contained a variety of food as rich as the variety of students. The menu alone could make your mouth water:

Conway School Class of 1999

  • Paté on crackers
  • Fresh baked bread
  • Stuffed jalapeño peppers
  • Crudités
  • Cape Cod clam chowder
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Kale salad with oranges
  • Pasta with feta cheese and spinach
  • Beans, rice, and Pekarski’s sausage
  • Candied sweet potatoes
  • English toffee
  • Neiman Marcus cookies

Some members of the class are hoping to publish a gourmet cookbook featuring the fine dining of the Class of ’99. Featuring selections like the above, it should be a big hit with subsequent classes.