This summer, the Conway School, in partnership with the Collaborative for Educational Services, will be offering teacher training for professional development credits in the program: Engaging Young People Around Climate Change.

The two goals of the course are to increase empathetic capacity around climate change and to prepare a report on a site (your schoolyard, backyard, or park) that outlines the existing landscape conditions and identifies actionable strategies to increase climate resilience.

Teachers are welcome to attend no matter where you are because this offering is fully online, with extensive office hours provided by the instructor. Participants will conduct field exercises as part of the required exercises. The course will be offered July 20 – August 7 with three meetings happening in real time on July 20, July 27, and August 7.

Course Description
Climate change is impacting so much of our lives, and young people are noticing. Relating to climate change can seem like a daunting, remote, intangible, impossibly large, hopeless, and scary thing to kids. Help your students connect with the issue of climate change in their own backyard/schoolyard in this course where participants will learn how to deliver to students a variety of hands-on learning experiences covering three critical ecosystem elements: vegetation (trees), water and soil.

Students can be emotionally impacted by the weight of what’s to come and need outlets for their frustration at the lack of action and their desire to make a difference. In this course, provided over a three-week period, you will learn how to address climate impacts on your own school’s landscape (if you don’t have access to your school you can use a park in your community or even your own backyard for this learning experience).

When the course is concluded you will have a Draft Landscape Assessment that you can use to teach your fellow teachers and/or students the methods you learned. The report can be used to empower the students, teachers, and administrators of your school to take action around its findings. The group will also participate in and model an Empathy Circle exercise to practice processing the emotions around climate change and discuss methods for supporting concerned students.

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CJ Lammers is a nationally-known speaker and advocate for all things green. For the last 30 years she has worked with citizens and state and local governments to move the ball forward on various topics including tree and forest preservation, small and large landscape conservation, green infrastructure planning, and environmental land use policies and strategies.